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Submission Deadline
October 16, 2018


Download: Submission Form
Download: Template.doc

History of GMEE2018

First GMEE

The First GMEE has been held during September 21 and 22, 2014 in Hong Kong.

Second GMEE

The Second GMEE has been held during December 20-21, 2015 in Phuket, Thailand.

Third GMEE

The Third GMEE has been held during October 22-23, 2017 in Beijing, China. more>>


The Registration Fee Is As Below:
1. Regular Registration: 480 USD
2. Registration for Students: 460 USD
3. Registration for Technical Program Committees: 450 USD
4. Additional Paper(s): 450 USD/per
5. Extra Page (exceed 5 pages): 60 USD/Page
6. Extra Conference Proceeding: 50 USD/Book
7. Listener(Including the meals during the conference): 150 USD/Person
8. Email Proceedings (PDF edition) Fee: Free
9. Mailing Proceedings Fee: 50USD

How to Register
For papers accepted after reviewing, we will send the Acceptance Letter and Registration Instructions to the author's email.
After receiving the email, the registration can be completed by following the Registration Instructions. The reviewing result will be sent to the authors 3-5 days after submission.
If you have submitted your paper without any replies, please contact us at sub@gmee2018.org or gmee2018@sina.com

Acceptance Letter and Invoice
Acceptance letter and registration files will be sent to the author if the submission is accepted. Then the registration can be completed. Registration invoice will be provided after the registration on request. Participants can also get the invoice on-site.

Registration Document
To complete the registration, please submit the following files via email:
- the camera-ready paper as PDF and DOC document
- the registration form with all items filled
- the signed copyright
- the remittance receipt from the bank

On receiving these documents, we will reply to let you know whether the registration is successful.
If any help is needed, please contact us.

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